Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving, Birthday, and a Surprise Baby Shower!

LOTS of exciting things have been going on! Life is crazy, and I love it. I am so happy and I feel so blessed each and every day to be where I am in life!

First of all, due to a series of events that I won't get into, Bryant and I ended up moving to Wymount Terrace student housing on March 7! It was a very quick decision and we were EXHAUSTED from moving everything in just two days, but we love our new place! It is also going to be very nice a month from now when we are moving to Alabama, since most everything is already nicely organized and packed in boxes, so we won't have to worry much about packing as we are taking our finals :) We have been in our new place for a week and a half and we couldn't be happier :) It is fun being close to campus again! We get to walk to and from school/work each day (1.5 miles each way! It takes me ~30 minutes to walk to class, but I love the fresh air and exercise!). We also get to see our friends and family more, since we are within a short walk/drive to everyone here in Provo. We can walk to the Creamery on 9th for ice cream (my personal fave!) and we don't have to drive two cars to school every other day. Instead, some days we can walk together to school and every day we get to walk home together :) We love it!

We also just love the precious time we get to spend alone together as a couple. We have missed that so much! Soon we will be moving to Alabama to live with my parents for 3 months (which I am SO excited for!) and then we will have Paisley and be a family of three! So, this is the last month Bryant and I will ever have together just the two of us. We are taking full advantage of every single minute together and loving every single minute of it! I love my sweet husband with all my heart. We are perfect for each other, and I feel SO blessed to have him in my life.

There are some adjustments that we had to make with our move, though. First of all, we live on the second floor, which means that after living in a one floor house for the past year, I have to get used to walking up stairs again! This usually isn't an issue, but my feet have started to get a little swollen and achy at the end of the day. So, after the 1.5 mile walk home from school, those stairs always seem like a huge mountain to climb! Also, we don't have a dishwasher. Now this is a nice luxury that I have always been blessed to have in my life. But, I am realizing that it is just that: a luxury. Not a necessity! Bryant and I are glad it is just the two of us there, so that means we don't go through a lot of dishes. But we are learning to 1) Use as few dishes as possible when cooking 2) share a plate at dinner :) 3) do the dishes immediately, so they don't pile up and make the task seem unmanageable and 4) have fun doing the dishes together side by side :) Another minor inconvenience is the lack of a microwave. Now, this is an interesting one. We could technically buy one, but we are only here for a month so we figure we can manage! But it is rather funny to get all excited to have some leftovers and then think hmm... how am I gonna heat these up? Like when Bryant got all excited to make some nachos for a snack... he put the chips and cheese on a plate and then went "Crap!" haha he had to transfer it all to a cookie sheet to bake in the oven :) So we are having fun improvising by reheating things on the stove the old fashioned way ;) Lastly, we no longer have a washer and dryer at our finger tips! Actually, the complex's laundromat is kind of far away and down a hill, so we drove there last time haha. But I thought it was fun doing our own laundry again like young married college kids!

On another topic, this past Friday was my 21st birthday! It was the best birthday I have ever had! Here is a recap of what I wrote in my journal about my fabulous birthday weekend:

Well, my birthday officially started on Wednesday night when my sweet, awesome, wonderful, perfect husband surprised me with the beautiful pearl and diamond ring I had been wanting! We saw it a few weeks ago while we were at the mall, but after looking at the price tag I knew it was just wishful thinking! But, it was beautiful and SO me. Right when Bryant first saw it he said "Crap!" Haha now I realize that he said that because he knew immediately that that was my ring. It had my name written all over it, especially since my favorite earrings that I wear all the time look just like it. So I guess Bryant knew all along that he would end up buying it for me. What a sweetie :) So while we were waiting for a table at Red Robin the next week with some friends, he snuck out and bought me the ring! Luckily they were having a 25% off sale and gave him a 10% military discount, so it helped a lot with the price. But I was SO SURPRISED! And felt so loved, spoiled, and special. On Wednesday night of my birthday week I stayed home to grade some papers and he went to Springville for a church meeting. On his way back I had asked him to pick up my wedding rings from the jewelers where they had been resized. He got home and I was finishing my last paper, and he handed me a pretty ring box and TOTALLY lied to me ;) He told me that he told the ladies how excited I was to get my rings back after being without them for a few days and so the ladies decided to put them in a pretty box for me. I thought "oh, that's nice of them!" and Bryant went to wash his hands in the kitchen. I opened the box and literally gasped! A beautiful pearl ring with a diamond halo shone back at me! I closed the box and jumped up and gave him lots of hugs and kisses and told him how much I loved him and how shocked and special I felt! In the birthday card he gave me with it it said all the reasons why he was giving it to me: "happy birthday, happy carrying-my-baby, happy army wife, happy i love you, happy you're beautiful, happy thanks for all the sacrifices you made this past year, etc etc. I was filled to the brim, busting with his love. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! We are so excited to have this ring to pass down to our kids and grandkids some day. It is so beautiful and timeless.

My surprise, spoiling birthday gift from my perfect husband!

It's so beautiful!

We are excited to pass this ring down to future generations. It is so timeless and beautiful!

Then on Thursday we spent most the the day together! After our morning classes, we walked to get Bryant's hair cut and ate our lunches outside in the gorgeous sunshine! (God blessed me with beautiful weather for my birthday!) Then we went to drop my new ring back off at the jewelers to get it resized (unfortunately, I didn't have them size it small enough so it is still too big :/ oh well!) and then we got to take a walk outside and stop back at the house until I had to be back on campus. Then we left campus again after about 2 hours (I had a test to take which I did surprisingly well on! yay! another birthday blessing!) and we just hung out the rest of the night! We ate a yummy dinner and finished setting up our new apartment/packing away some boxes, and studied a little bit and watched some Once Upon a Time (our fave tv show). On Friday I woke up to my great hubby making me breakfast in bed! Delicious sausage egg and cheese sandwiches! I posted my 30 weeks pic on FB for Paisley and posted pics of my ring that Bryant wouldn't let me post until my bday! Then he left to go to class and I got all ready for school. We left school at around 4pm and got to hang out the rest of the day together! I was so exhausted for some reason, so we decided to watch Cars 2 and Bryant let me fall asleep for a bit :) He made me a great shrimp alfredo dinner and we ate and snuggled on the couch together :) Then we walked to the Creamery for some bday ice cream! yum! Then we went to Bryant's football game, which is always fun! They won!

Yummy breakfast in bed!
Saturday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason :( But I tried to chipper up because I knew it was gonna be a great day! I already knew that I was having a surprise party (I had accidentally seen something about it a few weeks ago, and then yesterday a friend's mom spoiled the surprise that it was gonna be this Saturday! oops!) so I knew it was gonna be a fun day! I didn't know what time the party would be or anything about what it would be like though, so I was still excited and knew I would still be very surprised! We walked to the temple and had a great time doing initiatories. Paisley was moving around in my belly like crazy! I think she just liked the Spirit she felt there :) It made em smile. I love the temple. I love being so close and being able to go so often with my husband. After walking home and changing, we went to Cracker Barrel for a yummy lunch of biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cinnamon apples, grits, and hash browns! Apparently Bryant was trying to buy us some time before we were supposed to show up at the party, so he drove us to Walmart to walk around…. seriously??!!??? I HATE walmart! I'm sorry to say that my "Wrong side of the bed"ness got the best of me and I was a total terd to him. Poor guy! Then we went to our old neighborhood to bring some cookies to the Kelloggs. Well, I actually thought we were bringing them to the Johnsons so I didn't listen to Bryant when he told me when should bring them to SIs Kellogg. So I walked us over to the Johnsons but they weren't home, so then we went to the Kelloggs instead (which was obviously what was supposed to happen and Bryant knew all along that the Johnsons weren't home! But he didn't argue with me and let me do whatever haha). SO Heather Kellogg opened the door and I started to say "Hey, we just wanted to bring you some cookies to thank you for…." and then everyone jumped out and said SURPRISE!!! I was SO surprised! I wasn't expecting that at all!! I'm pretty sure I let out a scream haha. I was totally red in the face and happily embarrassed as I went around and hugged everyone! My friends from all over were there-- school friends, Alabama friends, church friends, etc. It was wonderful! I had such a fun time! Everything was decorated so cute and there was a TON of yummy sweets to eat! We played some fun games and I opened lots of gifts. I felt so special, loved, and blessed to have such great friends around me. But, more importantly, when I found out that this was all Bryant's idea and that he had orchestrated each step of the process, I just wanted to be alone with him and tell him how much I love him and how special and loved he makes me feel! I just love him so so so much and I am amazed each day that someone so wonderful chose ME of all people! I am so lucky.
(Special thanks to Meghan Kingsford, Eliza Stoker, Cassie Blake, Kelsie Oberender, and Kendall Kingsford for throwing the shower! For very cute pics, visit Meghan's blog!: This Girl Blog)

After the fun surprise shower, we went home for a bit then did some shopping! We ate a delicious dinner at In-N-Out Burger! Then we went and picked up my birthday ring! Then on Sunday, we woke up early and happy for church and had a great day! All of our lessons were wonderful, and I just love my life and I love my family. This was by far the BEST birthday ever and I have, by far, the VERY BEST husband ever!

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  1. I see that your wonderful husband is carrying on the tradition of your birthday week! He's a great guy, as are all your friends. You will carry all these wonderful college memories and friendships with you throughout life. Love you both!