Monday, March 4, 2013

27 and 28 weeks! This girl has got some weird dreams going on...

First off, let me just say that I am getting VERY antsy. Entering my last trimester has made me super duper impatient and anxious and excited and impatient and crazy and impatient and... did I say impatient? Because I am!

Another new development this last week or so is having "vivid pregnancy dreams." I guess all the excitement and impatience is allowed to fully take over my subconscious as I sleep! The first one I actually had when I was just newly pregnant. As we were laying in bed before falling asleep, Bryant and I talking about my pregnancy. We joked about hoping that we would not be the kind of parents that THINK their baby is the cutest thing on the planet, when in reality their kid is rather.... well, not cute. So cue the dream... I remember dreaming that I had a boy.... with black curly hair... and a full. grown. beard. It was grotesque. But I just thought he was the sun, moon, and stars and wanted to show him off to just about everybody! My friends would wince and try to cover it up with a smile and totally lie to me about "how cute he was." Haha plus he was like superman! He was as tiny as an infant but could like run around and talk about what not. It was weird. Let's just say I am glad I am having a girl! Because WHO KNOWS what our baby boy would've look like! Yikes!

This past week I had two crazy pregnancy dreams, but I can only remember the weirder of the two at the moment. I had a dream that baby Paisley had kicked a hole in my stomach (?) and her little fetus foot was just awkwardly sticking out... so I'm like, "Hey Bryant! Come touch Paisley's foot!" and so he does and we are just thinking it is the most awesome thing ever. But then I start thinking wait... I have a hole in my stomach... this could be a problem, right? So I push her foot back in and head to my OB. I am sitting there in the office TRYING to convince her to sew up this hole in my stomach, but she doesn't seem to think it's a problem. She's all like "Oh how lucky! You can just peek in and see her any time you want! It's like a little window!" and I'm like.. "Um... there's a hole in my stomach." And what was her answer "Well, it's not bleeding and it doesn't look like she can fit through it and get out, so I'd say you are good to go" Are you serious, Doc? "Um, there's a hole in my stomach. What if she sticks her foot out again while I am sleeping and I roll over and accidentally break her foot?..." Haha. I felt super uneasy about it and eventually woke up. No worries, my belly is all good! Paisley is safely tucked away inside :)

HOLD UP! I just remembered my other one! It's your lucky day ;) This one wasn't as weird but iit was very scary for me. It was a super important moment because I this dream is when it finally sort-of hit me that I am going to be a mommy and have a daughter that I am responsible for. A daughter that is mine. Whoa.

So in my dream, we were all at the pool with friends and family like a week after Paisley is born. And I am standing in the shallow end with Paisley, who even though she is a newborn is bigger and more like an infant... but one of my friends asks if she can hold her in the pool and I let her. So I get out of the pool and am sitting on the deck talking to some people, when I look over and my friend is doggy-paddeling in the DEEP END holding my baby! IN THE DEEP END! Then she DROPS PAISLEY and my baby starts sinking! I flipped out and dove in and tried to swim down and grab her, but then I woke up. :(

I woke up very unsettled and very self-reflective. Guys, this is a big deal. I am going to be a mother of one of our Heavenly Father's sweet spirits. He is trusting me to raise her righteously and to protect and guide her through this life. This is a huge responsibility and a huge honor. I still feel so young (I still AM so young). But I cannot express enough gratitude that my Heavenly Father trusts me with His precious little daughter. I promise I will do everything in my power to be the best mommy to her that I can be. The magnitude of the phrase "my daughter" still hasn't fully hit me, and it probably won't for a while even after she is born, but I am grateful for the little bit of understanding this dream gave me.

On a different note, pregnancy is starting to get more and more uncomfortable. I have to go to the bathroom between EVERY CLASS. That's once and hour. I wake up at night all the time too. *Sigh* oh well. I am sleeping much better though. The worst thing is probably the serious Restless Leg Syndrome I have developed. I have always had antsy legs, but it has gotten pretty bad. I did some research and I guess it is pretty common in pregnancy during your third trimester especially. I can't sit through church or a movie and it can be hard to get my legs comfortable at bed time. My nerves just go crazy. I can't really describe it, but it drives me nuts sometimes! One last bit of uncomfort is just my belly getting bigger. When I sit for extended periods, it starts to get kinda hard to breathe and my ribs feel very sore/constricted. I have to push my belly down to get some room for my lungs!

We had our last ultrasound this past Thursday with the NuMom2B study we are doing at the hospital. It was so fun! She is getting so big and is so stinkin' adorable I can hardly stand it! She kicked and punched and sucked her thumb and took some big breaths (drinks?) of amniotic fluid. She is actually folded in half in there, like with her toes up by her nose! So her hands, feet, and head are all cramped in one corner haha but she refused to move when we tried to readjust her to get some better pics, so I guess she is comfortable! Actually, we were poking and prodding her to get her to move her feet for the 3D picture, and she was getting really frustrated with us! She was kicking and punching back, but then she just decided to try a different tactic... she just stopped moving, stuck her thumb in her mouth, rolled over a bit, and slept. Completely ignoring us from that point on. The ultrasound tech laughed and I said "wow, she's a stubborn little thing!" Just like her momma ;) hehe.

The only 3D shot we were able to get because the machine couldn't process the image with her feet and hands all in her face... it kept trying to merge all that information into one facial image, which did NOT look very cute! haha we cannot get enough of her cute button nose and her chubby cheeks!

Hard to see but there is her arm and fist punching my uterus ;)

Her profile, with her foot at the top and her hand in the middle :)

Her folded in half! That's her leg up at the top and her face and the rest of her body at the bottom, with her hand there in the middle.

Here are some pics from weeks 27-28! We cannot WAIT to meet our little angel!

27 weeks along!
28 weeks! SO happy after coming back from our ultrasound :) I look bigger in this pic than I actually am... sorry!
Total weight gain/loss: 21 lbs! Getting heavy!

Maternity clothes? Oh, most definitely. I love them.

Stretch marks?  Nope!

Sleep: Much better! Minus frequent bathrooms breaks.

Best moment this week: Our last time we see her she will be in our arms!

Miss Anything?
Sleeping on my stomach

Movement: All the time! She is crazy active!

Food cravings:  Mashed potatoes and milkshakes! DELISH!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  NO! I think I can eat onions again! I am taking it slow, but I have been eating ranch dressing and other things with dried onions in it that used to bother me, and I have been ok. Then we made pizza and lasagna with tomato sauce that had normal onions in it
... and I did not get sick either time! I hope this is a good sign! I am going to start slowly eating things with them. I know I can't handle cooking with them myself yet or having raw onion, but it is a start :):):)

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out? Half in, half out! Getting closer every day!

Wedding rings on or off? On, but taking them off this weekend probably.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :) 

Looking forward to: meeting my baby!!

How far along? 28 weeks!


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  2. Hey Aly, Congrats on the baby!! You look great, and so does Paisley! I had restless leg syndrome too, and it was probably one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms I had to deal with. I don't know if you need any advice, but one thing that helped me was having consistent sleep habits and making sure I was really tired when I went to bed. Usually this meant that I had to exercise during the day, and not take naps (as tempting as that was my 3rd trimester), oh and going to bed at the same time every night. Good luck! The good news is right when that baby comes out all of those symptoms instantly vanish, AND you have a cute little baby to hold!