Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Giles: First Trimester Down!

So, as of Friday, I am officially in the second trimester of my pregnancy!! Yay! So I thought I would take a look back on the pregnancy-related events of the past three months...forgive me if this is TMI ;)

Bryant and I found out that I was pregnant right before leaving for school on the morning of Friday September 14 :) We were hoping for a baby so when I missed my period the day before, I excitedly took a pregnancy test. Bryant hid it from me while it "processed" and I just kept telling myself that it would be negative. I just knew it. So, I mentally prepared myself for another month and, finally, sadly looked at it. And what did I find but a beautiful red plus sign! YIPPEE!!!!! Talk about a surreal moment! We cried happy tears and hugged and hugged and it was perfect :) Bryant took a video of me being all happily weepy haha I'll have to track down that video and post it sometime. Maybe. We shall see :)

Needless to say, we were like 15 minutes late for our first class that we take together. But it was so worth it! It was SO hard not to tell everyone I saw that day. I wanted to stand on the roof of the JFSB and just tell the world! But I just secretly smiled all day long and my brain tried to process what this meant. Like I said in my previous post, it still hasn't fully sunk in yet. I think I will just wake up one day and this will be a dream or just something exciting happening to someone else.

When we got home around dinner time, we took one more pregnancy test just to be sure (haha) before telling our family. I sent them all a text with a picture of the positive test. My parents birthdays are around that time, so I told them "Happy Birthday Grandma and Grandpa!" I was SO nervous when my mom called two seconds later. I felt bad for my dad because I always forget that he can't get picture messages... lame. So he had to find out through my mom, which is not as special for him! Poor daddy! But they were basically in shock, but happy none the less :)

We weren't gonna tell anyone else until I was 12 weeks along. But... I ended up telling my close friends and a few people that I work with. Bryant, however, considers the WORLD his best friend! Haha he told EVERYONE I swear! And I would be like "Babe, we were only gonna tell our close friends, remember?" and he would respond "they are my close friends!"... yeah... whatever. I guess I am just jealous that he has 100 best friends :)

So let's fast forward a couple of weeks... almost immediately I started to feel different. I am SO blessed that I never really had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy! But I still have a few things to whine about :) First of all, (okay, here's the TMI...) being pregnant makes you so constipated! Not cool. Prune juice is absolutely disgusting. Ok, moving on... I felt really bloated and not very cute. I'm probably the only one that noticed, but I just felt chubby all of a sudden. Now that I am actually showing a bit I just wanna get bigger and bigger! Haha. I felt nauseous when the heater would come on at home. I still kinda do. I would much rather put on some fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt than have the heat blowing on me. Ick.

Now here is my #1 pregnancy complaint-- I have a HUGEEEEEEE aversion to onions! I feel sick just thinking about them. They make me so nauseous. I can't look at them, SMELL THEM (UGGHH!!!), or taste them! No joke, I even have had a few bad dreams about them. In my dreams someone is just sitting in front of me, cuts open a really potent onion, and takes a big honkin' bite out of it.... then I wake up feeling SO sick. No onions. Still. Ever. I cannot imagine ever eating them again., although I do hope this goes away because it is a pain in the butt to have to ask the waitress "are there any onions in that?" Fact #1: Baby Giles DOES NOT like onions. End of story.

Hmmmm... what else... I really like milkshakes. I think the cold smoothness was good on my tummy. Oh an milk in general! I now drink a hearty glass of milk each morning. Mmmm :) Milk always makes me feel better!

I have a goal to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans up until like the last month. Right now they still fit just fine, but I have to put a rubber band around the button to hold it closed and give me a little more belly room. Then I have one of those belly bands to wear once I get a little bigger so that I can still wear my same jeans. I am signed up to take an indoor cycling class next semester, so hopefully that will help me maintain my goal by keeping my thighs slim :)

Well... I can't think of much else? We are SO excited to find out the sex of our baby around Christmas time! That's soon! I am not-so-secretly hoping for a girl. I can't wait to find out!!

Here are the pictures we have so far... sorry for you Facebook friends who have already seen these!

Very anxious!

WHAT THE!!???? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Proud, excited daddy-to-be :)

12 weeks!

 13 weeks!

 14 weeks!

 Our precious baby at 12 weeks :)

Waving to us :) The doctor said that we have a very active little one!

Love y'all :) Next post I will talk all about our fun Thanksgiving with Bryant's family in Wyoming!

:) Aly


  1. You two are so adorable! I'll add this blog to my daily reading list ;-)

  2. How cute! I am so excited for you guys. Oh and I wanna see that video too.